“Sheya is able to speak the fiercest of truths with the utmost compassion and love, creating space for beautiful vulnerability, acceptance, release, and healing to occur on all levels. Her work is expository of all that no longer serves the highest and greatest good of not only the individual, but the larger whole, stripping away illusion to reveal clarity. 

Capable of delving both into the spiritual and scientific aspects of what is happening, coupled with her incredibly precise intuition and sensitivities, Sheya is able to communicate and connect with you regardless of your race, sex, age, or cultural background.

Sheya is an absolute expert at identifying and bringing out even the most hidden of gifts in others. Helping her clients uncover the light that exists within but was perhaps overlooked or unrecognized, she provides the necessary containment of sacred space, tools, and guidance to assist someone in their own empowerment of the self. In this way, the changes and shifts that happen with Sheya are sustainable and not dependent upon her, but a true transformation within a person that they will continue to benefit from and build upon for the rest of their life. 

I am yet to meet another practitioner or human being that holds the level of integrity with which Sheya operates in every single aspect of her life. She is the embodiment of her truths. Living and breathing the work in her daily experience, she leads by example. She is truly a multidimensional healer, teacher, guide, and messenger for the divine that seeks to be expressed for the benefit and evolution of all of consciousness.”

-Emily Simpson, Oroville, CA