“Sheya is the depth of the vast ocean of All that is. She is uncompromising in her commitment to facilitate healing for her clients, whatever the tool — Runes, Oracle cards, the Tarot, as well as direct messages from the Divine.

Sheya’s holistic approach is both scientific and intuitive, her knowledge both broad and deep, she is grounded in Western and Eastern medical approaches while also incorporating sacred spiritual knowledge, esoterics and all the archetypal wisdom of the schools of Tarot — Rider-Waite, Marseille and Thoth.

Sheya has been beyond instrumental in my personal transformation and healing process. She is comprehensive, compassionate and committed to delivering Truth, whatever that looks like. She has opened doors for me that I would have otherwise not known were there at all.

I recommend Sheya whole-heartedly.”

-Jason Astorquia, Vallejo, California