Student of the Mysteries or Master of the Realms, Radiant or Ailing, Illuminated or Shadow-bound, we are all somewhere on the spectrum where others are heading and where others have been.  We are each on The Path in our own unique way with something valuable to share. It is my privilege to share with you in the miracle of this moment when we have found each other.

My late grandmother always said, “Half of us are here to see the other half through”, and I added, “and we take turns.” May we do so with clarity, hearts open, minds free.

This site serves mainly as a link to my content and videos as well as a portal to my services for those seeking them. Content and services offered here are in the following areas:

Readings, Coaching & Healing

Wellness & Lifestyle

Mind/Body/Spirit Growth & Emotional Support

Esoteric, Spiritual & Cultural Discoveries

This site also serves as a blog platform, which will be updated with new posts as I am able to share. It is my hope that you find value here, even in a small way. Sometimes the little things make all the difference.

UPDATE: Content and Services currently on pause during Bearevement for my late mother who died in my arms on April 12, 2018 at 7:48 am.  After a long and painful struggle, she died without pain and in peace, surrounded in love. She was a true symbol of love and transformation by the time she left this world. R.I.P. my Beautiful Mother: April 30th, 1958 – April 12, 2018.

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