20170521_082230Naturally intuitive and gifted with insight since childhood, Season went on a quest to heal herself of life-threatening, degenerative disease which catalyzed her dedication to spiritual pathwork. She traveled to sacred lands and studied with Indigenous cultures, being initiated into Shamanic practices and Healing modalities, which has further clarified her gifts over the last thirteen years.

Having faced mortality and dredged through the shadows of the collective, ancestral, and personal karmic influences impacting her life, she has had the privilege of working with hundreds of individuals over the past decade to assist them in moving through blocks as she continues to move through her own.

Season has advanced training in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Nutrition and Lifestyle, and is a trained Yoga instructor, Wellness Counselor, and Multidimensional Facilitator. She has learned how to channel her gifts and skills through music, writing, and the Tarot as an archetypal system of reflection on the Human experience. Season is currently enrolled in the Tarot Reader’s Academy Apprentice program for the full certification course taught by Ethony Dawn, winner of 2017’s award for Best International Reader.