The Self Love Oracle

It happens occasionally: an artistic contribution in book, song, or in this case, a card deck, is put into the world for the benefit of humankind and happens to speak the truth in a resonance that matches incredibly close to a piece of my own.

We are all clusters of many things, and I am so grateful that individuals take it upon themselves to commit to great works, and bring them through to share. It can be very difficult to nail oneself down to a particular theme, but it is necessary for a time in order to be effective when communicating a message.

The Self Love Oracle by Janet Chui has a message.  In a loving voice that hides nothing, it asks us to take the next step in loving ourselves, wherever we are on our journey. It asks us to become better at taking very good care of ourselves.

It asks us to heal when we require it, give when it’s called for, dance and play as a vital part of life, and find our center in balance. It asks us to be receptive while having strong boundaries when necessary. It asks us to own our power and be in right relationship with it, and with the people and things around us.

Card decks for me are interactive books, and this one speaks genuinely from a place of experience, unconditional love, and service in the dance of life. Heavily themed in the universal principles of Yoga without being overt, this is both a communication and an invitation to practice.

I hope you enjoy the video walkthrough I made, and please do share your experience with these cards, or these themes, as you feel moved to.

Thank you for being here with me, and for showing up for yourself.


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