Why Are We Empaths?

The question was posted in one of the spiritual support groups I belong to on facebook. It is a frequent question from those in the precious period of awakening to the purposefulness of their sacred gifts. I couldn’t help myself and had to answer in a poem, and have added just a little bit to it for you here. What are your thoughts?

I hope you enjoy the poem!

Why An Empath Am I

We are the shamans, healers, navigators
of the human psycho-spiritual existence.

We are the warriors of the feeling way
and the heart’s ever beating persistence.

In the old ways this was not strange, but a gift
revered as part of a whole tribe.

We’d see the unseen in others to help them become
conscious of it in order to evolve, thrive.

We still do this, but culture does not support
this archetype anymore, which is why

We need safe places, connection, and questions like yours
to seek truth as the ultimate prize!

We feel the pain of others to help them heal it,
feel the light of others to help reveal it,
feel the gifts of others to help bring them out,
feel the imbalance of the world to bring balance about!

Copyright © 2017 Season Naify

Image from higherperspectives.com, in their article about the Heyoka type of Empath, or “the sacred clown or fool” in Native American traditions.

Ps – It is very important to have a strong self-care practice in order to fully embody what is written above, for the record!  Here is an excellent article from spiritualunite.com on shielding for Empaths!

Pss – If you’re wondering if you are an Empath (speaking of the spiritual gift as distinguished from the universal human feeling of “empathy”), here is a rather comprehensive article from themindunleashed.com with an impressive description and outline of traits.

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