Alchemy’s Arrow is Here!

Greetings Beloveds!

I am so pleased and excited to be initiating a new professional site, spawning from a personal passion that is now in bloom!

This site will be dedicated to the sharing of the soul’s journey through the study and practice of divination tools, esoterica, and metaphysics, as well as sociological, psychological, and philosophical materials as they relate.

I will be posting Tarot and Oracle readings weekly, and studies on particular cards, tools, and methods. This will also be a place for diving into many aspects of our human experience, seen through many lenses.

I am thrilled to also be offering discounted private readings for those interested (see my Etsy store linked below for details)!

I invite the formation of a community with like-minded souls on the journey, and look forward to what arises from this new adventure I have followed my guidance to begin!

Please accept my humble welcome to Alchemy’s Arrow, where choice and change meet!

Here is my hand-drawn logo!  I was amazed this came through me since I’m not one to draw much!   It is the alchemical symbol for gold unified with an arrow, and I love it!


copyright©Season Naify, all rights reserved

To book a reading, go here: Alchemy’s Arrow on Etsy

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