Welcome Walkers Between Worlds, Earth Dancers, Spirit Glancers, Artists, Healers, Scholars, and all who are drawn to discover the Magic and Potential accessible in this life!

Alchemy’s Arrow is the directed journey of transformation.  It is where choice meets change; the convergence place of our own free Will, and the growth of our Whole selves. This is Transformation as the governing factor, informed by the Highest in all things, guiding the arrow of our chosen path, turning cold and stagnant metal into shimmering gold.

The featured image on this page is a Blue Morpho butterfly. These amazing beings can be seen in the rainforests of Central and South America. I had the privilege of seeing a few of these in the Amazon Jungle of Peru during my journeys there.

Certainly, butterfly symbolizes rebirth and renewal. In its adult form, it can also symbolize the peak of one’s​ life or gifts. Some cultures revere the Blue Morpho as a highly spiritual and mysterious being and a granter of wishes.